Area Map

Guelph Area Map

Area Borders

Area 1

10) Speed River, Speedvale E., Stevenson N. & Eramosa

11) Stevenson N., Speedvale E. & Eramosa.

12) Speed River, Woodlawn E., Victoria N. & Speedvale E.

13) Remaining Area 1 north of Woodlawn E & east of Victoria, excluding Guelph Lake

16) Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

Area 2

20) Speed River, Eramosa, Victoria N. & CNR Rail Line

21) Victoria N., Eramosa., East City Limits & Eastview.

22) Victoria N.,Eastview, East City Limits & CNR Rail Line

Area 3

30) Speed River, CNR Rail Line, Victoria S. & Eramosa River

33) Victoria S., CNR Rail Line, East City Limits & Eramosa River

Area 4

40) Eramosa River, East City Limits, Stone, Gordon & Village by the Arboretum also included

41) Stone, East City Limits, Arkell & Gordon.

42) Arkell, East City Limits, Maltby & Gordon.

43) Gordon, Stone & Speed River

44) Gordon, South border from Arkell @ Gordon and connects through unpopulated area to Hanlon, which is west border

45) Gordon, Maltby, Hanlon, then connects through unpopulated area to Arkell @ Gordon

Area 4 Continued

46) Hanlon, Maltby, West City Border, Stone & Through unpopulated area, crossing Woodland Glen, just north of Trillium. Includes YMCA.

47) Speed River on North and West border, Hanlon, Through unpopulated area, crossing Woodland Glen, just north of Trillium. Does not include YMCA

Area 5

50) Dublin, Speed River, Edinburgh S. & Paisly

51) Edinburgh, Speed River, Hanlon & Paisley

52) Hanlon, Speed River, West City Border & Paisley

Area 6

60) Dublin, Paisley, Edinburgh & London

61)Paisley, Hanlon, Speedvale W. & Edinburgh

62) Speedvale W., Hanlon through to North City Border, North City Border, Line south to connect and include Edinburgh N.

63) Paisley, West City Border, Speedvale W. & Hanlon

64) Speedvale W., West City Border, North City Border, Silver Ext to Curtis, Diagonal to Hanlon and then down to Speedvale W.

Area 7

70) London, Edinburgh N., Speedvale W. & Speed River

71) Speedvale W., Edinburgh N., Woodlawn W. & Speed River

72) Woodlawn E at Speed River, Line from Edinburgh N @ Woodlawn W to south of Marden Rd., Victoria N. to Speed River & Speed River to Woodlawn E.

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